Turn Up Bar Berlin – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for beginners on discovering the vibrant nightlife scene in Berlin! If you’re looking for a fun and exciting bar experience, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will introduce you to the concept of a “turn up bar” and give you a comprehensive overview of the best turn up bars in Berlin.

What is a Turn Up Bar?

A turn up bar is a term used to describe a bar or club that focuses on creating a lively and energetic atmosphere with music, dancing, and a great selection of drinks. These bars are perfect for those who love to party and want to immerse themselves in Berlin’s unique nightlife culture. Turn up bars offer a thrilling experience where you can let loose, meet new people, and dance the night away.

Top Turn Up Bars in Berlin

1. Berghain

Berghain is widely regarded as one of the best turn up bars in Berlin. Located in a former power plant, this iconic club features world-class DJs playing techno and house music. The venue is known for its strict door policy, so make sure to dress appropriately and expect a bit of a wait to get in. Once inside, you’ll be treated to immersive sound systems, sprawling dance floors, and an unforgettable party atmosphere.

2. Watergate

Watergate is another popular turn up bar in Berlin. Situated alongside the River Spree, this club offers stunning views and a unique party experience. Watergate is known for its diverse lineup of DJs playing various genres of electronic music, including techno, house, and electro. The club also boasts a fantastic sound system and a dance floor overlooking the river.

3. Sisyphos

Sisyphos is an alternative turn up bar that is famous for its open-air parties and unconventional vibe. Located in an old factory, this club embraces an underground atmosphere and hosts a mix of electronic music genres. With multiple dance floors, outdoor areas, and even a swimming pool, Sisyphos is the perfect spot for a memorable night out in Berlin.

4. Tresor

Tresor is a legendary turn up bar that has been a pillar of Berlin’s techno scene since the early 1990s. The club is situated in a former power plant and features a raw, industrial setting that perfectly complements its cutting-edge electronic music. Tresor is known for its marathon techno parties that can last well into the next day.

Tips for a Great Night Out

1. Dress Code

Many turn up bars in Berlin have a casual dress code, but it’s always a good idea to dress up a bit to ensure entry into some of the more exclusive venues. Opt for a stylish and comfortable outfit that allows you to dance the night away.

2. Arrive Early

Some turn up bars are known for their long queues, so it’s a good idea to arrive early to avoid disappointment. Check the club’s website or social media channels for opening times and plan accordingly.

3. Cash is King

While some venues accept card payments, it’s a good idea to carry cash with you as some bars may have a minimum spend or charge a fee for card transactions.

4. Stay Hydrated

Partying can be intense, so remember to stay hydrated throughout the night. Bars often provide water stations, but it’s also a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you to keep refreshed.

In Conclusion

Berlin’s turn up bars offer an unparalleled nightlife experience that combines great music, electric atmosphere, and a thriving party scene. Whether you’re into techno, house, or alternative electronic music, the city has something for everyone. Remember to do your research, arrive early, and dress appropriately for the venue you choose. Get ready to dance, make new friends, and have the night of your life in one of Berlin’s top turn up bars!

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Turn Up Bar Berlin – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners