TU Berlin Address: The Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners

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If you are planning to study or visit the prestigious Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), one of the top universities in Germany, it is important to know the correct address and how to navigate its campus. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to find your way around TU Berlin.


TU Berlin is located in the heart of Berlin, the capital city of Germany. The address of the main campus is:

  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Straße des 17. Juni 135
  • 10623 Berlin
  • Germany

Getting There

There are various transportation options available to reach TU Berlin:

Public Transportation

The most convenient way to reach TU Berlin is by using the excellent public transportation system in Berlin. You can take the following options:

  • U-Bahn (Subway): The U2 line stops at “Ernst-Reuter-Platz” and “Zoologischer Garten” stations, both of which are within walking distance of the campus.
  • S-Bahn (Suburban Train): The S5, S7, and S75 lines stop at the “Tiergarten” station, which is close to the main campus.
  • Bus: Several bus lines, such as M45, M49, and 245, also serve the university area.
  • Tram: If you prefer trams, the M45 and M49 lines are a great option.


Berlin is a bike-friendly city, and cycling is a popular mode of transportation. TU Berlin provides bicycle parking spots near the campus entrance, making it easy for students and visitors to park their bikes securely.

Exploring the Campus

TU Berlin’s main campus is spread across different buildings. To help you navigate, here are some key buildings you need to know:

Main Building (Hauptgebäude)

The Main Building hosts the university administration, central library, and various lecture halls. It is a historical building and often serves as the starting point for campus tours.


The Audimax is the largest lecture hall on campus, capable of accommodating hundreds of students. It is frequently used for major lectures, events, and conferences.

Faculty Buildings

TU Berlin has multiple faculty buildings, each housing different departments and institutes. Some important faculty buildings include:

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Located in building MA, houses various science and mathematics-related departments.
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Located in building EN, focuses on electrical engineering, computer science, and related disciplines.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems: Located in building M, focuses on mechanical engineering, energy technology, and transportation sciences.

Campus Facilities

TU Berlin provides several facilities to support students’ academic journey. Here are some essential facilities you should be aware of:


The university boasts several libraries, including the University Library, Mathematics Library, and Engineering Library. These libraries offer a vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources to support your studies.

Cafeterias and Mensas

TU Berlin offers various cafeterias and Mensas (university canteens) where students can enjoy affordable meals and socialize with their peers.

Computing Facilities

Computer labs with internet access are available throughout the campus to support students’ technological needs.

Sports Facilities

For sports enthusiasts, TU Berlin provides a range of sports facilities, including fitness centers, swimming pools, and sports fields, to promote physical well-being.


Now that you have a clear understanding of the TU Berlin address and how to navigate its campus, you can confidently plan your visit or start your academic journey. Remember to check the official TU Berlin website for the latest information, including any temporary changes in the address or campus facilities. Good luck and enjoy your time at TU Berlin!

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TU Berlin Address: The Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners