The Mysterious Ending of “Dogs of Berlin”: A Comprehensive Analysis

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Welcome to our in-depth analysis of the ending of the hit Netflix series “Dogs of Berlin”. In this blog post, we’ll break down the final moments of the show, answer some burning questions, and provide you with a deeper understanding of the plot. So, let’s dive in!

Background of “Dogs of Berlin”

“Dogs of Berlin” is a German crime thriller series that follows two police detectives as they investigate the murder of a prominent Turkish-German football player. The show explores themes of racism, corruption, and the gritty underworld of Berlin.

The Final Twist

The ending of “Dogs of Berlin” has left many viewers both intrigued and confused. The final twist reveals that the corruption within the Berlin police force goes much deeper than initially thought. It is revealed that one of the main protagonists, Detective Erol Birkan, played a key role in covering up the murder.

Unmasking the Corrupt Detective

Erol Birkan, previously seen as a dedicated and trustworthy detective, is ultimately exposed as being involved in the crime. This unexpected turn of events shocked many viewers, as they had grown attached to the character throughout the series.

The show deliberately plants subtle hints throughout the episodes that suggest Birkan’s ulterior motives. In retrospect, his questionable decisions and connections give away his involvement. However, these hints are easy to miss on the first watch, adding to the shock factor of the revelation.

The Impact of the Ending

The ending of “Dogs of Berlin” not only reveals the truth behind the murder but also raises important questions about corruption within law enforcement and the impact it can have on society.

Throughout the series, the show’s creators explore themes of racial tension and stereotypes. The revelation of a Turkish-German police officer’s involvement in the crime sparks a discussion about systemic corruption and prejudice within the force.

Open-ended Plot Lines

While the mystery behind the murder is solved, the ending of “Dogs of Berlin” leaves several plotlines open for interpretation and potential continuation. These open-ended elements allow viewers to speculate and engage in discussions about potential directions for future seasons or individual character arcs.

Some lingering questions include the consequences faced by Detective Birkan, the future of his partnership with the other main character, Kurt Grimmer, and the wider implications of the exposed corruption on the Berlin police force.


The ending of “Dogs of Berlin” is a masterful twist that reveals the deeply-rooted corruption within the Berlin police force. By unmasking a seemingly trustworthy detective, the show provides a thought-provoking commentary on the impact of corruption and the prejudices present in society.

While the ending leaves several elements open for interpretation, it also serves as a satisfying conclusion to the main mystery. As viewers reflect on the series as a whole, they are left contemplating the themes and issues raised throughout the show’s runtime.

Whether or not the story of “Dogs of Berlin” continues, its ending has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on its audience, serving as a reminder of the dark underbelly that can exist within any society.

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The Mysterious Ending of “Dogs of Berlin”: A Comprehensive Analysis