The Best Berlin Clubs That Aren’t Just Techno

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

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When it comes to nightlife, Berlin is known for its vibrant club scene. While the city is often associated with techno music, there are plenty of clubs that offer diverse music genres to cater to different tastes. In this beginner’s guide, we will explore some of the best Berlin clubs that offer more than just techno. So, if you’re looking to groove to different beats or explore a variety of music styles, read on!

1. Watergate

Watergate Club

Located right by the River Spree, Watergate is a popular club that offers a diverse range of electronic music. The club has two floors, each with its own unique atmosphere. The main floor features a booming sound system and is known for its house, techno, and disco music. The second floor, called the Waterfloor, often hosts live sets spanning various genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and even jazz. Watergate also boasts a stunning view of the river, making it a must-visit club for music lovers.

2. Ritter Butzke

Ritter Butzke Club

Located in a former factory building, Ritter Butzke is a hidden gem in Berlin’s club scene. This underground club offers a diverse range of music styles, from deep house and techno to reggae and live bands. The club’s unique interior, with its industrial charm and creative decoration, sets the stage for a memorable night out. Ritter Butzke also hosts art exhibitions and cultural events, making it a vibrant cultural hub within the city.

3. Prince Charles

Prince Charles Club

Prince Charles is a multi-genre club located in an old Kreuzberg swimming pool, giving it a distinctive atmosphere. The club hosts various events and showcases a mix of styles including disco, funk, house, and hip-hop. Despite its historical setting, Prince Charles welcomes a diverse crowd, creating a vibrant and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss their themed nights, which often celebrate different genres and eras.

4. Gretchen

Gretchen Club

For those seeking a more eclectic mix of music, Gretchen is the place to be. This club in Kreuzberg embraces a wide range of genres, including drum and bass, dubstep, reggae, hip-hop, and more. Gretchen is known for booking both local and international artists, ensuring a high-quality music experience. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly crowd make it an excellent choice for those wanting to escape the mainstream clubbing scene.

5. Yaam

Yaam Club

Located by the river in Berlin’s Friedrichshain neighborhood, Yaam offers an alternative club experience with a focus on reggae, dub, and dancehall music. The club also features an outdoor area with a beach vibe, where you can relax, grab a drink, and enjoy live performances. Yaam is not just a club but a cultural space that hosts art exhibitions, workshops, and even a skate park, making it a unique and vibrant spot in the city.


Berlin’s club scene offers much more than just techno music. From Watergate and Ritter Butzke to Prince Charles, Gretchen, and Yaam, there are numerous clubs that cater to a variety of music styles. Whether you’re into house, hip-hop, reggae, or want to explore diverse electronic music genres, Berlin has a club for you. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to explore the vibrant nightlife that this amazing city has to offer!

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The Best Berlin Clubs That Aren’t Just Techno