HTW Berlin Adresse – Your Guide to Finding the HTW Berlin Address

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Are you a prospective student, staff member, or just curious about the location of the HTW Berlin? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will provide you with all the necessary information to find the HTW Berlin address and make your way to this prestigious institution.

What is HTW Berlin?

The HTW Berlin (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin) is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany. It offers a wide range of programs in engineering, business, computer science, design, and more. Located in the vibrant city of Berlin, HTW Berlin attracts students from all over the world.

Finding the HTW Berlin Address

The Main Campus

The main campus of HTW Berlin is located at the following address:

HTW Berlin – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
Treskowallee 8
10318 Berlin

The main campus is easily accessible by public transportation. The closest U-Bahn (subway) station is “Tierpark” on the U5 line. From there, it’s just a short walk to the campus.

Other Campus Locations

In addition to the main campus, HTW Berlin has several other campus locations:

Location Address Closest Transportation
Campus Wilhelminenhof Wilhelminenhofstr. 75A U-Bahn: Oberspree (U1)
Campus Wilhelminenhof Wilhelminenhofstr. 75A U-Bahn: Oberspree (U1)
Campus Spandau Badstraße 2 U-Bahn: Altstadt Spandau (U7)

Each campus may offer different programs, so make sure to check which campus your desired program is located at to ensure you’re going to the right place.

Tips for Visiting HTW Berlin

Plan Ahead

If you’re planning a visit to HTW Berlin for an event, Open Day, or to meet with someone, make sure to plan your trip in advance. Check the HTW Berlin website for any specific instructions or guidelines on visiting the campus.

Use Public Transportation

Berlin has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, trams, and an efficient subway (U-Bahn) network. It’s recommended to use public transportation when visiting HTW Berlin, as parking can be limited.

Arrive Early

Arriving early will give you time to navigate the campus, find the right building, and enjoy the surroundings. It’s always better to have some extra time rather than rushing to your destination.

Take a Campus Tour

If you’re interested in getting a more comprehensive look at HTW Berlin, consider taking a campus tour. These tours are often led by current students who can provide valuable insights into the university’s facilities, student life, and academic programs.


Now that you have all the information you need, finding the HTW Berlin address and visiting the campus will be a breeze. Whether you’re a prospective student exploring your options or an academic professional interested in collaborating with HTW Berlin, the address provided in this blog post will guide you to the right location.

Remember to always check the HTW Berlin website for any updates or additional information before your visit. Enjoy your time at HTW Berlin and make the most out of your experience!

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HTW Berlin Adresse – Your Guide to Finding the HTW Berlin Address