How Many Michelin-Star Restaurants Are There in Berlin?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

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If you are a food enthusiast visiting Berlin or a local looking to explore the city’s culinary wonders, you might be curious about how many Michelin-star restaurants are there in Berlin. Berlin, being a multicultural and vibrant city, has a thriving food scene to offer, and the Michelin Guide is a trusted source when it comes to identifying exceptional dining establishments.

Understanding the Michelin Guide

The Michelin Guide is a prestigious annual publication that reviews and rates restaurants around the world. It is known for using a three-star system to recognize exceptional culinary experiences. Here’s a breakdown of the ratings:

  • One Star: Represents a very good restaurant offering quality cuisine.
  • Two Stars: Signify excellent cooking, worth a detour.
  • Three Stars: Denote exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

The Number of Michelin-Star Restaurants in Berlin

As of the latest edition of the Michelin Guide, Berlin has a total of 25 Michelin-star restaurants. These establishments span various cuisines and culinary styles, catering to different tastes and preferences.

One-Star Restaurants in Berlin

One-star restaurants hold their own in providing exceptional culinary experiences. Here are a few examples:

  • Restaurant Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer
  • Cookies Cream
  • Rutz
  • Golvet

Two-Star Restaurants in Berlin

Two-star restaurants in Berlin offer dining experiences that are truly remarkable and worth seeking out. Some notable examples include:

  • Rutz – Weinbar
  • Tulus Lotrek
  • Horváth
  • Facil

Three-Star Restaurants in Berlin

Michelin’s highest accolade, the three-star rating, is a rare distinction that represents the pinnacle of culinary excellence. Unfortunately, Berlin does not currently have any three-star restaurants according to the Michelin Guide. However, neighboring cities like Munich and Hamburg do boast establishments with this prestigious rating.

Exploring Berlin’s Culinary Scene

While Michelin-star restaurants provide top-notch dining experiences, Berlin also offers a myriad of other fantastic eateries that suit various budgets and tastes. From trendy street food markets to cozy traditional German restaurants, there is something for everyone.

When visiting Berlin, make sure not to miss out on iconic food destinations such as:

  • Kreuzberg Markthalle Neun: A lively food market with a wide range of culinary options.
  • Currywurst Museum: Discover the fascinating history of Berlin’s beloved currywurst, a must-try street food.
  • Prater Garten: Berlin’s oldest beer garden, offering authentic German food and a great selection of beer.
  • Sage Restaurant: A modern restaurant with a stunning rooftop view of Berlin.

Remember, Michelin stars are just one way to gauge a restaurant’s quality, and there are countless hidden gems awaiting your discovery in Berlin’s culinary landscape.


Berlin boasts an impressive culinary scene, and the Michelin Guide recognizes the city’s outstanding restaurants. With 25 Michelin-star establishments, including one-star and two-star restaurants, Berlin offers a diverse range of exceptional dining experiences. Whether you are a devoted foodie or simply looking to appreciate delicious cuisine, exploring Berlin’s gastronomy is a journey you don’t want to miss.

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How Many Michelin-Star Restaurants Are There in Berlin?