How Big is Berlin, Germany?

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Are you curious about the size of Berlin, Germany’s capital and largest city? In this blog post, we’ll explore the geographical area, population, and interesting facts about Berlin to give you a better understanding of its size and scale.

The Geographical Area of Berlin

Berlin covers an area of approximately 891.85 square kilometers (344.35 square miles). It is the largest city in Germany and the seventh-largest in Europe.

Located in northeastern Germany, Berlin is situated on the banks of the River Spree. It is the cultural, economic, and political center of the country, attracting millions of tourists each year.

Population of Berlin

As of January 2021, Berlin had an estimated population of around 3.8 million people. This makes it the most populous city in Germany.

The diverse population of Berlin consists of people from various ethnic backgrounds, making it a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. It is known for its multiculturalism, tolerance, and rich history.

It’s important to note that Berlin’s population has been growing steadily in recent years due to factors such as urbanization and immigration.

Interesting Facts About Berlin

Here are some fascinating facts about Berlin:

  • Berlin is nine times bigger than Paris and five times bigger than New York City.
  • The city is home to over 180 museums, including the famous Museum Island UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Berlin has more bridges than Venice, with approximately 1,700 throughout the city.
  • The Berlin Wall, which divided the city during the Cold War, was over 155 kilometers (96 miles) long.
  • Tempelhof Airport, now closed to aviation, is one of the world’s largest buildings by area, covering 300 hectares (740 acres).

Tips for Exploring Berlin

If you’re planning to visit Berlin, here are some tips for exploring the city:

  1. Take a walking or cycling tour to fully experience the city’s history and vibrant neighborhoods.
  2. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, and Checkpoint Charlie.
  3. Sample delicious street food at the famous food markets like Markthalle Neun or Street Food Thursday.
  4. Explore the vibrant street art scene in neighborhoods like Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.
  5. Don’t miss the opportunity to relax and unwind in Berlin’s beautiful parks, such as Tiergarten and Treptower Park.


Berlin, as both the capital and largest city of Germany, offers a fascinating blend of history, culture, and entertainment. With its significant geographical area and diverse population, exploring Berlin is an enriching experience. Whether you’re interested in historical sites, museums, or vibrant neighborhoods, Berlin has something for everyone.

Plan your visit to Berlin and immerse yourself in this vibrant and dynamic city!

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How Big is Berlin, Germany?