Dogs of Berlin Review: A New York Times Perspective

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Welcome to our comprehensive review of the German TV series, “Dogs of Berlin”, as reviewed by The New York Times. Whether you’re completely new to the show or seeking a professional opinion before diving into its episodes, this article will provide you with an in-depth analysis and insights into the critically acclaimed series.

Overview of “Dogs of Berlin”

“Dogs of Berlin” is a crime thriller series created by Christian Alvart that premiered on Netflix in 2018. Set in Berlin, Germany, the show follows two detectives, Erol Birkan (played by Felix Kramer) and Kurt Grimmer (played by Fahri Yardim), who investigate the murder of a prominent German-Turkish football player.

The New York Times review not only delves into the plot and character development of the series but also analyzes its political, racial, and social themes throughout the episodes.

Key Plot Points

The review in The New York Times provides a detailed analysis of the key plot points in “Dogs of Berlin”. It highlights the tension and conflicts that arise between the two detectives as they navigate the complex world of Berlin’s criminal underworld. The article applauds the series for its ability to intertwine themes of corruption, patriotism, and identity.

Character Development

The New York Times review particularly emphasizes the character development of Erol Birkan and Kurt Grimmer. It not only praises the nuanced performances of Felix Kramer and Fahri Yardim but also discusses how their characters’ personal lives influence their professional decisions and their perspectives on the crimes they investigate.

Political and Social Themes

One aspect that distinguishes “Dogs of Berlin” from other crime dramas is its exploration of political and social themes. The New York Times review delves into how the series tackles issues surrounding racism, right-wing extremism, and multiculturalism in Berlin. It commends the creators for their brave depiction of these often sensitive topics.

The article also highlights how the series uses the sport of football as a backdrop to examine the complexities of national identity and integration.

Final Verdict

The New York Times review concludes by giving its overall verdict on “Dogs of Berlin”. Without spoiling any major plot points, it offers readers a well-rounded perspective on the series’ strengths and weaknesses. It provides an honest assessment of the show and helps viewers decide whether it aligns with their interests.


If you’re considering watching “Dogs of Berlin” or simply want to explore the insights of The New York Times review, this comprehensive blog post has provided you with a valuable overview. We’ve covered the key plot points, character development, and the political and social themes the series tackles.

Remember, while reviews can be subjective, they can also provide valuable guidance or new perspectives to help you make informed choices about the shows you watch. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy “Dogs of Berlin” armed with the insights from The New York Times review!

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Dogs of Berlin Review: A New York Times Perspective