Discovering Berlin: A Guide to the Ultimate Bar Tour

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

Ready for the ultimate nightlife adventure? Dive deep into the heart of the city’s vibrant scenes with our pub crawl in Berlin. Every stop is a new story, every drink a memory waiting to be made. Get ready for an unforgettable evening!

Are you looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Berlin? With its buzzing bar scene, Berlin offers a plethora of options for those seeking a memorable night out. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the best bars in Berlin and provide you with valuable tips to ensure you have an unforgettable bar tour experience.

1. Research and Plan Your Route

Before embarking on your Berlin bar tour, take some time to research and plan your route. Berlin is a sprawling city with a variety of neighborhoods, each offering its own unique bar scene. Popular areas for bar hopping include Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Prenzlauer Berg.

Start by identifying the type of bars you are interested in. Berlin caters to all tastes, from trendy cocktail lounges to quirky dive bars. Make a list of bars that catch your interest and group them by their location to plan an efficient route.


Neighborhood Bar Name Specialty
Kreuzberg Prinzipal Kreuzberg Speakeasy-style cocktails
Friedrichshain Simon-Dach-Kiez Lively beer gardens
Prenzlauer Berg Wohnzimmer Bar Intimate setting with live music

2. Experience Berlin’s Famous Beer Gardens

No visit to Berlin is complete without experiencing its world-famous beer gardens. These open-air establishments offer a sociable atmosphere where you can enjoy a wide selection of beers and traditional German cuisine.

One of the most popular beer gardens in Berlin is the Prater Garten in Prenzlauer Berg. Established in 1837, it is Berlin’s oldest beer garden and provides a delightful setting to relax and socialize with friends.

3. Discover Speakeasy-Style Cocktail Bars

If you’re in the mood for sophisticated cocktails and a touch of mystery, Berlin has an array of speakeasy-style bars waiting to be discovered. These hidden gems often feature unique interiors and talented mixologists who create signature cocktails.

Prinzipal Kreuzberg, located in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, is a highly recommended speakeasy bar known for its impeccable ambiance and carefully crafted cocktails. To add an element of surprise, access to this bar requires locating an inconspicuous entrance.

4. Explore Berlin’s Alternative Bar Scene in Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain, a lively neighborhood in Berlin, is famous for its alternative bar scene. Here, you can find an eclectic mix of dive bars, music venues, and clubs that cater to a variety of tastes.

One notable area in Friedrichshain is Simon-Dach-Kiez, which offers a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. This bustling street is lined with bars, pubs, and restaurants, making it an ideal destination for a night of bar hopping.

5. Experience Live Music at Berlin’s Intimate Bars

If you’re a fan of live music, Berlin has plenty of intimate bars that showcase local talent. These cozy venues provide the perfect setting to enjoy live performances in a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Wohnzimmer Bar in Prenzlauer Berg is one such venue worth exploring. Known for its comfortable and cozy interior, and an impressive lineup of local musicians, this bar offers an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

6. Don’t Forget to Try Berlin’s Local Specialties

While exploring the Berlin bar scene, be sure to try some local specialties. Berliner Weisse, a refreshing wheat beer, is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Pair it with a Berliner Currywurst, a must-try street food specialty consisting of a curry-flavored sausage with a side of fries.


Berlin’s bar scene offers something for everyone, from traditional beer gardens to trendy cocktail bars and intimate live music venues. By planning your route, exploring different neighborhoods, and trying local specialties along the way, you can embark on the ultimate Berlin bar tour. So raise a glass and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife that this fantastic city has to offer!

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Discovering Berlin: A Guide to the Ultimate Bar Tour