Discover Berlin Pubs in Mitte

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

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Welcome to the vibrant and bustling district of Mitte in Berlin! If you are a fan of pub culture, you are in for a treat. Mitte is home to a range of fantastic pubs catering to different tastes and preferences. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best pubs in Mitte, ensuring you have a memorable time in the German capital.

1. The Circus Hostel Microbrewery

If you are looking for a unique and lively pub experience, The Circus Hostel Microbrewery is worth a visit. Located in Rosenthaler Platz, this pub combines the charm of a traditional German beer hall with modern craft beer brewing. You can enjoy a refreshing pint of locally brewed beer while taking in the lively atmosphere and striking decor. Don’t forget to try their delicious pretzels to complement your drink!

Pro Tip:

Arrive early to secure a spot, as this pub can get quite busy, especially during peak hours.

2. Newton Bar

If you appreciate a sophisticated and upscale pub atmosphere, Newton Bar is the place to be. Situated on Charlottenstraße, this elegant bar offers a wide range of premium drinks, including classic cocktails and a carefully curated selection of fine wines. The stylish decor, attentive service, and charming ambiance make it an excellent choice for a special night out or a relaxed evening with friends.

Pro Tip:

Make a reservation in advance to ensure you have a table, especially on weekends or during popular events.

3. Ankerklause

If you prefer a pub with a touch of nostalgia and a cozy atmosphere, Ankerklause is the place for you. Located on Kottbusser Damm, this riverside pub offers stunning views of the Spree River. Famous for its affordable drinks, friendly staff, and laid-back vibe, Ankerklause is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Grab a seat on their outdoor terrace during warmer months and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Pro Tip:

Try their delicious fish and chips or opt for a vegetarian-friendly currywurst for a satisfying meal along with your drinks.

4. Prater Garten

For a taste of history and a beer garden experience, head over to Prater Garten. Established in 1837, this iconic beer garden offers a vast outdoor space with plenty of seating options under shady chestnut trees. Located near Kastanienallee, Prater Garten serves a variety of local beers on tap along with traditional German cuisine. It is an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon or an evening gathering with friends.

Pro Tip:

Bring cash, as Prater Garten only accepts cash payments.

5. Tante Lisbeth

If you are searching for a hidden gem in Mitte, look no further than Tante Lisbeth. Tucked away in a tranquil courtyard near Weinbergspark, this quaint pub offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Enjoy a selection of craft beers, carefully curated wines, and delectable snacks while immersing yourself in the charming surroundings. Tante Lisbeth is perfect for those seeking a more relaxed and less crowded pub experience.

Pro Tip:

Consider visiting during “Happy Hour” to enjoy discounted drinks and nibbles.


Mitte is a treasure trove of pubs catering to different preferences and atmospheres. Whether you are in the mood for a lively beer hall, an upscale cocktail bar, or a cozy riverside pub, Mitte has something for everyone. Explore these recommended establishments and delve into the rich pub culture that Berlin has to offer. Prost!

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Discover Berlin Pubs in Mitte