Berlin’s Famous Food: A Delightful Culinary Journey

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

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When you think of Berlin, iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie might come to mind. However, this vibrant city has much more to offer, especially in terms of its delicious and diverse food scene. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through Berlin’s famous food, from traditional dishes to trendy street eats. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds!

Currywurst: A Berlin Icon

One dish that stands out as a true icon of Berlin’s culinary heritage is Currywurst. This beloved street food consists of a grilled or fried pork sausage, smothered in a tangy tomato-based sauce and sprinkled with curry powder. The combination of flavors, the heat from the curry, and the juiciness of the sausage make Currywurst a must-try for any visitor to Berlin.

Where to Find the Best Currywurst

For the ultimate Currywurst experience, head to Konnopke’s Imbiss in Prenzlauer Berg. This family-run snack bar has been serving up mouthwatering Currywurst since 1930. Another fantastic spot is Curry 36 in Kreuzberg, known for its long lines and delicious sausages. Be prepared to wait, but trust us, it’s worth it!

Schnitzel: A Taste of German Tradition

If you’re looking for a classic German dish in Berlin, you can’t go wrong with Schnitzel. This breaded and fried meat cutlet, typically made from pork or veal, is a staple in German cuisine. Accompanied by a squeeze of lemon, schnitzel is often served with a side of crispy fried potatoes or a fresh green salad.

Variations of Schnitzel

While the traditional Wiener Schnitzel is made from veal, you’ll also find delicious pork schnitzels in many Berlin restaurants. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, try the Käseschnitzel, where the meat is replaced with cheese, or the Vegetable Schnitzel made from breaded and fried vegetables.

Doner Kebab: The Turkish Influence

Thanks to its vibrant multicultural population, Berlin boasts a thriving street food scene, and one of the most popular options is the Doner Kebab. This tasty treat is a result of the Turkish influence in the city. Thinly sliced, marinated meat, usually chicken or lamb, is stuffed into a warm pita bread and topped with fresh vegetables, chili sauce, and garlic sauce.

Make a Late-Night Stop at Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

For an unforgettable Doner Kebab experience, make your way to Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap in Kreuzberg. Their mouthwatering kebabs, coupled with a secret garlic sauce recipe, have garnered a huge following. Prepare to join a queue, but rest assured, it moves fast, and the flavors are worth every minute of the wait.

Berlin’s Sweet Delights: Pastries and Desserts

No culinary journey in Berlin would be complete without indulging in some of its delightful pastries and desserts. From traditional German treats to international favorites, there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Sample Berlin’s Sweetest at Café Kranzler

Café Kranzler, situated on the bustling Kurfürstendamm boulevard, is a Berlin institution that has been serving up delectable pastries and desserts since 1834. Treat yourself to a slice of the famous Black Forest Cake or a freshly baked apple strudel while enjoying panoramic views of the city.


Berlin’s food scene is a melting pot of flavors, reflecting its rich history and multicultural influences. Whether you’re indulging in a mouthwatering Currywurst, savoring a traditional Schnitzel, or satisfying your sweet tooth with a slice of cake, Berlin’s famous food will leave you craving for more. So why wait? Embark on a culinary adventure and explore the tastes and aromas that make Berlin a true gastronomic delight.

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Berlin’s Famous Food: A Delightful Culinary Journey