Berlin Famous Food and Drink

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

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Welcome to Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany, known for its rich history, unique culture, and diverse culinary scene. In this blog post, we will explore some of the famous foods and drinks that you must try while visiting this fantastic city. From traditional German cuisine to international delights, Berlin has something to tempt every palate.

1. Currywurst

Let’s start with a quintessential Berlin street food specialty, Currywurst. This savory dish consists of grilled pork sausage smothered in a tangy ketchup and curry powder sauce. It is typically served with a side of fries or bread. You can find Currywurst stands all over the city, each with their unique take on this beloved snack.

2. Döner Kebab

Berlin is also famous for its diverse immigrant population, which has greatly influenced its food culture. One such example is the Döner Kebab, a Turkish dish that has become a staple in Berlin. It consists of succulent slices of meat (usually chicken or lamb) served in a flatbread with fresh salad, pickles, and a variety of sauces. Döner Kebab shops are scattered all over the city, and they are a popular choice for a quick and delicious meal.

3. Berliner Pfannkuchen

No trip to Berlin is complete without trying the famous Berliner Pfannkuchen, also known as Berliner or Krapfen. These delightful jelly-filled doughnuts are a popular treat in the city. They are usually made with a sweet yeast dough, deep-fried until golden brown, and filled with fruity jams like strawberry or raspberry. Grab one from a local bakery and indulge in this sugary delight.

4. Berliner Weiße

When it comes to beverages, Berliner Weiße is a must-try for beer enthusiasts. This traditional sour beer is usually flavored with either raspberry (Himbeersirup) or woodruff (Waldmeistersirup) syrup, giving it a sweet and tangy taste. It’s the perfect refreshing drink on a warm summer day. Don’t forget to order it “mit Schuss” (with a shot) if you want an extra kick of fruity flavor.

5. Sauerbraten

If you’re in the mood for a hearty German meal, Sauerbraten is the dish for you. It is a traditional pot roast made from marinated and slow-cooked beef, typically served with red cabbage and potato dumplings. The meat is tender and flavorful, thanks to the marinade of vinegar, water, and aromatic spices. You can find this classic German dish in many restaurants around Berlin.

6. Don’t Forget the Beer and Pretzels

No visit to Germany would be complete without sampling some of the country’s famous beer and pretzels. Berlin offers a wide range of breweries and beer gardens where you can savor different types of German beer. Pair your beer with a freshly baked pretzel, and you have the perfect combination of flavors. Prost!


Berlin’s food and drink scene is a treasure trove of culinary delights, blending traditional German dishes with international flavors. Whether you’re a curry lover, a kebab enthusiast, or a beer connoisseur, Berlin has something to satisfy your taste buds. So, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in these famous foods and drinks during your visit to this vibrant city.

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Berlin Famous Food and Drink