Berlin Clubs Open on Tuesday

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

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When it comes to nightlife, Berlin is known for its vibrant club scene. The city boasts an array of clubs that cater to various tastes and preferences. While weekends are usually the prime time for clubbing, there are also options available on weekdays, including Tuesdays. In this article, we will explore some of the popular Berlin clubs open on Tuesdays, ensuring you have an unforgettable midweek party experience.

1. Watergate

Located by the River Spree, Watergate is a renowned club known for its stunning views and exceptional electronic music. Every Tuesday, they host a party called “It’s Tuesday.” With its top-notch sound system and a talented lineup of DJs, Watergate offers a unique and immersive clubbing experience. The club has two dance floors, each with different vibes. The main floor plays house and techno, while the second floor focuses on more experimental electronic genres.

2. Salon zur Wilden Renate

Salon zur Wilden Renate is an eccentric club that stands out with its colorful interior and unconventional atmosphere. Tuesday nights at Salon zur Wilden Renate are dedicated to their party series called “Tuesdate.” The club features multiple dance floors, bars, and even hidden rooms to explore. The music at Renate varies from house and techno to disco and beyond, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

3. SchwuZ

For those looking for an inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly clubbing experience, SchwuZ is the place to be. They host a weekly party called “Gayhane” on Tuesdays, offering a mix of oriental pop, hip-hop, and electronic beats. SchwuZ has a diverse crowd and a welcoming environment, making it a fantastic choice for a midweek night out.

4. Sisyphos

Situated in a former factory, Sisyphos has gained a reputation as one of Berlin’s most beloved underground clubs. While it is primarily known for its weekend marathon parties, their “Tuesday Party” offers a more intimate and relaxed experience. You can dance to a diverse range of music genres, including techno, house, and everything in between. Sisyphos is also famous for its unique outdoor area, complete with hammocks, sand, and a small lake.

5. Crack Bellmer

Crack Bellmer is an intimate club located in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin. On Tuesdays, they host “Schmutz,” a party that explores various electronic music styles, from acid to ambient. The club’s cozy atmosphere creates an intimate setting for music lovers to connect and enjoy tunes in a more laid-back environment.


While weekends may be the peak time for clubbing in Berlin, the city offers fantastic options for those seeking a midweek party. From Watergate’s immersive experience to Salon zur Wilden Renate’s unconventional vibes, there is no shortage of remarkable clubs open on Tuesdays. Whether you’re into electronic music, pop, or alternative genres, Berlin’s club scene has something for everyone. Explore, dance, and make the most of your midweek nights in the techno capital of the world!

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Berlin Clubs Open on Tuesday