Are Shops Open in Berlin on Sunday?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Berlin

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Many travelers and visitors to Berlin often wonder if shops in the city are open on Sundays. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. In Germany, Sunday is traditionally a day of rest, and the majority of shops are closed. However, there are exceptions and specific rules that apply to different types of stores in Berlin.

General Sunday Closing Law

In Germany, the “Sunday Closing Law” (Ladenschlussgesetz) prohibits most stores from opening on Sundays. This law aims to protect workers’ rights and ensure everyone has a day off to spend with their families. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Exceptions to the Rule

While the majority of shops are closed on Sundays, there are some exceptions that allow certain types of stores to open.

Tourist-Focused Areas

In popular tourist areas in Berlin, such as Alexanderplatz or Kurfürstendamm, many shops are granted permission to open on Sundays. This is because tourism is an important industry for the city, and shops in these areas cater to both locals and tourists alike.

Specialty Stores

Specialty stores, like bakeries, flower shops, gas stations, or convenience stores, are also allowed to open on Sundays. These shops provide essential goods or services that people may need outside of regular business hours.

Sunday Shopping Days

Occasionally, there are designated “Sunday Shopping Days” in Berlin where all shops, regardless of their usual opening hours, are allowed to open. These days are often tied to special events or holidays such as the Christmas season or summer sales. The specific dates are determined by the Berlin Senate.

Alternative Shopping Options

If you find yourself in Berlin on a Sunday and most shops are closed, don’t worry! There are still options available for your shopping needs.

Museums and Flea Markets

While shops may be closed, museums and flea markets in Berlin are often open on Sundays. Spend the day exploring the rich history and culture of the city or browsing through unique items at various flea markets.

Shopping Centers and Airports

Shopping centers and airports may also have stores open on Sundays. Places like Mall of Berlin, Kurfürstendamm Arcades, or the Friedrichstraße shopping street sometimes have Sunday openings.


While most shops in Berlin are closed on Sundays, there are exceptions to this rule. Tourist-focused areas, specialty stores, and designated “Sunday Shopping Days” offer opportunities for shopping on Sundays. Additionally, museums, flea markets, shopping centers, and airports provide alternative options for those seeking retail therapy on Sundays. Remember to plan ahead and check specific opening times to ensure a successful shopping experience during your visit to Berlin.

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Are Shops Open in Berlin on Sunday?