Aggro Berlin Discography – A Complete Look at the Legendary Record Label’s Releases

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Welcome to our guide to the Aggro Berlin discography, the record label that played a significant role in shaping and dominating the German rap scene in the early 2000s. Founded in 2001 by Specter, Spaiche, and Halil, Aggro Berlin became a household name with its raw, aggressive, and energetic rap music. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the legendary releases of Aggro Berlin, highlighting the notable albums and artists that made the label famous.

1. Aggro Berlin – The Beginnings

The first release from Aggro Berlin was “Aggro Ansage Nr.1,” a compilation album that introduced their talented roster to the world. Released in 2001, this album featured tracks from popular artists like Sido, Fler, and B-Tight. “Aggro Ansage Nr.1” created a buzz in the German rap scene, setting the stage for what was to come.

2. Sido – Maske (2004)

Sido, one of the most iconic figures in German rap, released his debut solo album “Maske” in 2004 under Aggro Berlin. This album became an instant hit and put Aggro Berlin on the map. With tracks like “Mein Block” and “Endlich Wochenende,” Sido’s “Maske” achieved platinum status and solidified his position as a rap superstar.

3. Fler – Neue Deutsche Welle (2005)

Fler, another prominent artist signed to Aggro Berlin, made waves with his album “Neue Deutsche Welle” in 2005. The album explored diverse themes and showcased Fler’s lyrical skills. Tracks like “NDW 2005” and “Papa ist zurück” were instant hits and helped popularize German rap throughout the country.

4. B-Tight – Neger Neger (2005)

B-Tight, known for his aggressive flow and provocative lyrics, released his debut album “Neger Neger” in 2005. This album featured collaborations with other Aggro Berlin artists and received critical acclaim for its unique sound. “Neger Neger” further solidified the label’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the German rap scene.

5. Frauenarzt & Manny Marc – Atzen Musik Vol. 1 (2007)

Aggro Berlin diversified its sound with the release of “Atzen Musik Vol. 1” by Frauenarzt & Manny Marc in 2007. This album was a fusion of rap and electronic dance music, creating a new sound that became immensely popular. Tracks like “Das geht ab” and “Disco Pogo” became party anthems and showcased Aggro Berlin’s versatility.

6. Aggro Berlin – Aggro Ansage Nr.4 (2007)

Continuing their successful compilation series, Aggro Berlin released “Aggro Ansage Nr.4” in 2007. This album featured tracks from all the major artists associated with the label, including Sido, Fler, B-Tight, and Tony D. “Aggro Ansage Nr.4” served as a testament to the talent pool Aggro Berlin had cultivated and further solidified their dominance in the German rap scene.

7. Bushido – 7 (2007)

Bushido, a legendary figure in German rap, released his album “7” under Aggro Berlin in 2007. With a more introspective and personal approach, “7” showcased Bushido’s growth as an artist. Tracks like “Alles Verloren” and “Janine” resonated with audiences, earning critical acclaim and commercial success.

8. Fler – Fremd im eigenen Land (2008)

Fler released his second solo album “Fremd im eigenen Land” in 2008. This album explored Fler’s experiences as a German rapper of Turkish descent, shedding light on social and cultural issues. Tracks like “Deutscha Bad Boy” and “NDW 2” showcased Fler’s growth as an artist and his ability to tackle complex subjects.

9. Sido – Aggro Berlin (2009)

Sido bid farewell to Aggro Berlin with his album aptly titled “Aggro Berlin” in 2009. This album marked the end of an era for both Sido and the label. Tracks like “Weihnachtssong” and “Aggro Berlin Zeit” served as a nostalgic tribute to the legacy of Aggro Berlin and its impact on the German rap scene.


The Aggro Berlin discography is a testament to the label’s influence on German rap music. Through their raw and energetic sound, Aggro Berlin helped bring the genre into the mainstream and paved the way for future artists. Whether it was Sido’s “Maske” or Fler’s “Neue Deutsche Welle,” each album in the Aggro Berlin discography made a significant impact on German rap and left a lasting legacy. As rap continues to evolve, the influence of Aggro Berlin can still be heard in the music of today.

We hope this guide has provided you with a comprehensive overview of Aggro Berlin’s discography. Explore these albums and discover the raw talent that made Aggro Berlin a legendary record label.

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Aggro Berlin Discography – A Complete Look at the Legendary Record Label’s Releases